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March Schedule - School Closure Update


新型コロナウィルス感染拡大防止の為、Strong English Schoolは3月1日㈰から3月7日㈯まで、通常レッスン、After School、Saturday School全てを休校とさせていただきます。



キャンセルされたレッスンは、再開後に振替されます。 また、スクールに来ることができない生徒のためのスケジュールも検討しております。

















サタデースクールの時間は午前8時から午後12時までに短縮されます。 スクールでは、昼食をしません。アフタースクールと同じ予防措置を講じます。 キャンセルをご希望の場合は早めにお知らせください。 正規料金をお支払いの場合、4月のサタデースクールへ振替可能です。




この困難な時期を一緒に乗り越えましょう。 ストロング・イングリッシュ・スクールは、すべての人達の安全と健康を第一に考えております。


Good afternoon everyone,

Due to the health and safety of students, Strong English School will be closing English lessons, After School and Saturday school from March 1st until March 7th. During this time, we will make preparations for the heath and safety of students and we will continue to monitor the situation. We plan on reopening on March 8th however, if circumstances change, the school opening will be delayed even further. All closed lessons will be transferred after we reopen. We are also making plans for students who are unable to come to the school. Please keep advised for an update to those plans.

Monthly fees

Please pay the normal monthly fee accordingly. All lessons that are cancelled will be transferred to another day. We appreciate your understanding I’m these difficult times.

When we reopen, all students will be required to have a mask and wear the mask throughout the course of the lesson. Upon arrival, students will also be required to wash their hands (do not forget to bring your hand-towels), use alcohol spray, and will have their temperature checked. Students should also have their temperature checked at home before school.

After School

After school plans to open from the morning on March 9th. Normal morning fees will be charged. If you plan on taking off, please notify us as soon as possible. After school students will be required to wash their hands and use alcohol spray at the end of every hour. In addition, we will be monitoring body temperature at the end of every hour. We will be recording students body temperatures throughout the day. In addition, parents must prepare all students lunches. During this time, we will not be ordering lunches for children.

For Saturday School, the time will be restricted from 8 am until 12 pm. Students will not eat at school. In addition, we will be taking the same precautions as After School. If you would like to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. Make the correct fee payments and lessons will be transferred to April’s Saturday school. We appreciate your understanding.

Please be aware, this schedule can change based on new information or situations that may occur from now until March 8th. Let us all get through this difficult time together. We at Strong English school are very serious about the safety and health of all of our children. If there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know. We are always here for our community.

If anyone needs to contact us at anytime, you can send us a message or call .

Thank you so much for your understanding. From everyone here at Strong English School, we hope everyone will be safe and healthy.

Cody Strong

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